Participatory management essay

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Participative Management also known as - Employee Involvement, refers to an open form of management where employees are involved in. Introduction to Participative Management: Participative Management refers to as an open form of management where employees are actively involved in the organization’s decision making process.

Participative Management

Participative Management can also be termed as ‘Industrial Democracy’, ‘Co-determination’, ‘Employee Involvement’ as well as ‘Participative Decision Making’. The Success of Participative Management Essay Words | 5 Pages.

A Basic Understanding of Participative Management

Participative management is a management practice where employees are involved in making decisions that directly affect how they perform their jobs. It is a management practice that originated from Western countries but it is now globally accepted and practiced.

Participatory Management Essay Participatory Management In scanning the recent literature on participatory management certain themes arise. Participatory management is a way to empower employees and create a more innovative bottom up structure for organizations.

By ‘participatory’ means various types and degrees of involvement of employees in, control over, and decision making in an activity (Vernooy, Qiu, and Jianchu ) “Participative management, rooted in the management approach, focuses on decentralization of educational decision making and sharing of power” (Sidener, ).

In conclusion therefore, participatory management is of great benefit to both private and public sectors. It is the best for the newly founded organizations towards struggle for.

Participative Management Essay Participatory management essay
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